The Vintage Collection Box-set

The Vintage Collection Box-set

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The Vintage Collection boxset is the third in our series of 6 disc sets. In this collection we showcase 6 of our one hour long films which focus on country life in rural Ireland through the 20th century. 

The 6 DVDs included in this set are:

Days of the Thresher  - A One hour film on the old farming practises of Ireland.

The Good Old Irish Harvest.  - A One hour long film documenting the farming of Oats  using horse pulled vintage machines like reapers and binders. 

Sheepmen  - A One hour long film on sheep farming in Ireland.  In this DVD we study the many breeds of sheep, including pure and crossbreeds.

Ferguson World Record Makers. -   Filmed at Cooley on the beautiful Cooley Peninsula, in 1995 we follow the day the world record for most tractors working the ground was recorded.

Cattlemen  - Featuring farming of a range of breeds of cattle from all around Ireland.

The Hiring Fairs - A dramatized documentary about the Hiring Fairs in Ireland, when young and old were hired to wealthier farmers as workers for a period of six months.

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Throughout our range of videos we capture Irish country life as it was during the 20th century when farming was a part of everyday life. Our videos cover traditional farming in Ireland when the horse was the sole source of power and little changed from one generation to the next.

The changes in Irish farming brought about by the arrival of the tractor and mechanized machinery onto the farming scene is well documented in our videos, which are filled with traditional crafts and skills that are sadly are no longer in use.

Through our videos aim to help keep these memories alive, showing the younger generation what life was like during these years and we hope to rekindle fond memories of those who lived through these times in rural Ireland.