The history of farming in Ireland -  How the corn (oats) was farmed through the last century

The history of farming in Ireland - How the corn (oats) was farmed through the last century

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In this video we look at the history of farming in Ireland, starting of showing how man tilled the land with crude implements before harnessing the power of the horse, using steam power and then onto the arrival of the tractor. We show a field of oats being prepared with a pair of donkey pulling a harrow. Ploughing with a Fordson N tractor which arrived onto the Irish farm in the 1930's. Ploughing with horses is also shown. Ploughing with the TE 20 Ferguson. Lifting stones out of the fields.. Showing the fordson with a disc to break the ground up better than the harrow would have done. Shows seed being broadcast from a bag apron, a method which goes back thousands of years. sowing with a fiddle The seed being covered with a seed drill. Cutting thew corn with a scythe. Donkey pulling a reaper as well as a reaper being pulled by a wee grey fergy. A team of horses pulling a binder, a rare sight.. How the combined harvester replaced the binder and reaper int he 1960's. Making huts and stacks of corn. Threshing with a thresher and showing the age old way of flailing, man powered thresher. Horse powered barn thresher.  Making straw ropes. Corn crushing, using a stone, to early man powered and water powered machines. We show  a variety of old farm machinery and a selection of vintage tractors. A comprehensive covering of how farming was carried out in Ireland through the last century.

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