About Us

Videos of Irish Farming Life is the online presence of John Thompson Video Productions, a family business based in Northern Ireland. We have been producing short films and documentaries for 30 years, with the main themes being Irish farming of yesteryear and Irish rural history. 

Our fist farming video was produced in 1988 and was called "Farming Down the Years". Over the years since this production we have went on to make over 30 films of how the people of Ireland lived a couple of generations ago. Through our range of videos we look at the different types of farming employed in the past. Along with the farming themed videos we have produced dvds on rural history, showing how people in Ireland lived in by-gone times.

In July 2017 we created a Facebook page uploading short clips from our videos each week. To our amazement this page gained tens of thousands of follwers in a couple of months. Our following on social media is now over 85,000 people, all people just like ourselves with an interest in our Irish heritage.

Below is a newspaper after the local press featured us in a story following one of our videos clips going viral. In the photo is my dad, John Thompson, founder and producer of the dvds we sell.

Newspaper clipping from Videos of Irish Farming Life