"The Best of Irish Farming Videos" 6 DVD Boxset Collection

"The Best of Irish Farming Videos" 6 DVD Boxset Collection

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Following the success of our classic collection 6 DVD box set we have now released another 6 disc collection featuring 6 of our more recent productions.   

The six one hour long videos in this collection are  "Ways of Old" which looks at traditional Irish crafts such as thatching, hand weaving, tinsmithing, basket making plus many more! 

"Living of the Land" and "The Golden Years of Farming" cover growing and harvesting oats, potatoes, carrots and turnips during the period when tractors began to replace horses on farms in Ireland. These two videos are filled with old machinery and vintage tractors used on the farms of yesteryear .

"The Potato Men" is a look at how growing potatoes changed from small farms using horse power to the modern day with farmers capable of growing hundreds of acres each year.

"The Story of a Fordson" follows a group of vintage enthusiast rebuilding an old abandoned Fordson tractor, returning it to its former glory and using the tractor to farm the land as it would have in its prime. 

"Linen People" takes us back to a time when the Irish Linen trade was booming. As well as showing the flax growing we talk with people who scutched and worked the flax , producing the famous Irish linen. This video also looks at the revival now taking place within the Irish linen industry.

We are confident that this 6 hours of nostalgia will bring back many memories for those who remember those happy days when life moved at a much slower pace.

This 6 disc boxset is now only £28-99, with our single dvd priced at £9.99, each dvd in this collection is half rrp price!