The Golden Years of Farming DVD

The Golden Years of Farming DVD

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In this video we take a look at the changing face of Irish farming in the 1940's and 50's. During this time the tractor was beginning to take over from the horse power which had been the old source of power for countless generations. 

While we show the old ways of farming, using the horses we also show the tractors arrival and the changes that came with it. We re-enact a full farm year from this period and show a crop of Oats being farmed both using horses and tractors. 

In this video we show:

Ploughing with  horses

Fordson super major

Ford Fergson  9N

Fordson Dexta

Sowing the oats with a corn fiddle

A brief history of the relationship between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson

Harry Ferguson's three linkage hydraulic system.

Fords first tractor.

Cutting the corn(oats) with scythes and also show tractor pulled reaper and binders

Threshing the corn